Burial Options at

Fountain Hill Cemetery

Here at Fountain Hill Cemetery we offer an array of services to suit the wishes and needs of you and your family. We offer traditional in ground burial, in ground cremation burial, natural green burial and cremation burial of beloved pets. You may explore these options online and contact us to schedule a tour of all our available options.

Traditional Casket Burial

Spaces available at $1,200

Single and multiple grave family lots are available for in-ground casket burial.

A burial vault is required and graves must be marked with a permanent monument within one year of interment.

Cremation Urn Burial

Spaces beginning at $600

Single and multiple grave lots available for in ground burial of a cremation urn.

Multiple sets of cremated remains may be allowed per grave based on lot size. An urn vault is not required but may be used if the family desires.

Green Burial at River’s Rest

Spaces available at $2,200

Single and multiple grave lots available for natural green burial. These lots are sold in succession therefore if an individual desires to be interred next to a loved one they must purchase the desired number of graves at the time of the first interment.

The deceased must be un-embalmed or prepared in accordance with standard green burial practices recommended by the Green Burial Council. A burial vault is strictly prohibited and the deceased must be interred in a linen shroud or a biodegradable casket that’s sole purpose is for natural burial (ie: wicker or cloth). No metal or traditional wood caskets will be permitted.

Fountain Hill Pet Cemetery

Single spaces available.

Pet must be cremated before burial. An urn vault is not required. A single 1ft x 1ft flush granite marker is allowed per grave. For more information, please download our price sheet or contact us directly.

Plan Ahead with Fountain Hill Cemetery

If you are looking to plan in advance for the purchase of a final resting place our friendly staff will personally take the time to walk you around the cemetery to show you the available options based on your wishes. Please submit your information for a call back or call us directly to set an appointment to tour our cemetery grounds.